The Georgina Island Storytelling Project

Our stories celebrate our heritage and identity as Chippewa people. They preserve and teach our Indigenous ways of knowing and knowledge for the future generations of Georgina Island. In the tradition of oral history over generations, our youth - in their turn - will carry on this legacy to protect and share our proud history and who we are as the Chippewas of Georgina Island.

COVID-19 Update for GIFN Cottage Owners:

Georgina Island First Nation and Ferry Boat Closed to Non – GIFN Members and

Property Taxes Deferred to August 1, 2020

March 30, 2020

Please navigate to the Tax Administration page for the full update

Please be advised as of March 24, 2020 measures have been taken to further reduce the risk of spreading Covid-19

The Georgina Island Ferry will be available only to Community Members all others will be turned away at Virginia Beach

In addition, the ferry hours have been reduced and the last run from Virginia Beach is 8pm every night

Please check back here for any further information to be posted

As advised practice social distancing, wash your hands frequently and if shopping for necessary items please try to send only one person for these errands

Covid -19 Pandamic Members Update

Administration Office Hours are 9am to Noon, Monday to Thursday until further notice
If you are coming in please do it one person at a time and practice social distancing at all times

Please go the the Members Section of this Website.  You will find a menu on the right and the Update is the first tab.

March 24, 2020

Dear Members,

The Chief and Council want to take this opportunity to update you on what we have been doing to combat the COVID 19 virus. Like everyone in the world, we are unsure of what effects that it will have on ourselves and loved ones. We will continue to work together to ensure our people are safe. Our leadership is constantly monitoring the situation and in regular contact with Provincial and Federal officials.

Social Distancing

We cannot do this alone. We need everyone to stay home (except for those who need to go to work or to buy groceries) and implement Social and Physical Distancing and other health practices to stop the spread of the virus. This will go a long way to combat the spread.  We will ensure that all essential First Nation services continue.

$1000 Member Support Payment

We realize that in this time all members of the First Nation will be affected by the financial impacts of the pandemic. People may be laid off or on a limited income and have difficulty covering basic essentials. That is why we are accessing emergency dollars from our trust for a $1000 Member Support Payment to help everyone get through this.


The First Nation will be using the data which was provided in connection with December’s Coldwater payments.

Our First Nation is strong and we get the strength from our people. Although this pandemic is very serious we know that if we stay diligent and practice all the safety precautions our First Nation will survive this.


Chief and Council



An Emergency Task Force has been implemented and consists of;

Donna Big Canoe

Bill McCue

Pat Big Canoe

Benson Big Canoe

Lauri Hoeg

Lorna Fitzpatrick

Harmony Taylor

Janice Taylor

Any questions or concerns should be directed through the task force.

The task force will be communicating weekly updates every Tuesday to the community regarding what is happening in the media and how we are responding to it.

Information will be available on the CGI website, Facebook and Nish Radio. (Hard copies will NOT be distributed to mitigate virus risks)

Non-essential travel closed

 Effective immediately;

-the ferry washrooms will be closed

-the passenger lounge is open to members only

-there will be no collection of fees on the ferry

-people must remain in their vehicles for the duration of the trip

-transportation emergency services will remain active

-we will be operating on reduced ferry hours until 8pm daily

-members with medical appointments outside the modified ferry hours will be accommodated with request at due notice

-we will be postponing the ferry repairs until a later date

-the car ferry access is being restricted to community members only. Our transportation staff have been given the authority to refuse passage to those they deem not necessary. Our local authorities have been notified of this decision.

Operations and Services

All non-essential band buildings and recreation facilities are closed until further notice. This includes;



resource building

trails building,

school and daycare, (Childcare fees will be stopped during closure)

Community center will only be open for emergency purposes

Health building will be open for pre-scheduled appointments with the nurse or doctor only

Emergency services continue to be in full operation. This includes Fire, Police and First Response Units.

Water treatment plant is operational and will continue to run as is (any questions pertaining to this should be directed to Councillor Benson Big Canoe)

We will keep the community notified as to the status of any community events or gatherings as we move forward

Garbage and recycling pick up will continue

Community Members Responsibilities

Practice Social Distancing, that means 3 meters apart from others.

It is imperative you self-isolate for 14 days if you are returning from travel, this also means from your family that haven’t travelled.

We advise that if you visit elders you practice safe caution before doing so

Members/Residents are asked NOT to bring visitors/guests to the community, this is a time to practice social distancing.

If you are going over ask if family or friends need supplies also

Members who run home businesses are also asked NOT to bring customers to the community.

Stay in touch with others by telephone and technology.

Go outside and enjoy the fresh air but walk to exercise not to socialize.

Reduce the amount of times you go to the mainland for essentials.

Staying Home is the best way to keep our community safe

What is Social Distancing? 

Avoid Coronavirus Scammers some tips on how to avoid those who are trying to take advantage of this situation

Dear Community Members:

The primary Public Health Strategy now is to reduce the seriousness of the pandemic by reducing exposure with rigorous compliance with social distancing recommendations, regular handwashing and extra care to avoid unnecessary contact with our most vulnerable populations. This is most effective when followed by all of us.

If you are on CGIFN Island I previously delivered information to your house on proper handwashing, please follow. When not at home, use hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol.

As well, remember to cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze (using a tissue [wash your hands afterwards] or into your sleeve). Avoid close contact with anyone showing symptoms of a respiratory illness.

Check the following web site for up-to-date information :

I am also available at the Health Centre Monday-Friday or you can call my cell number – 905-953-6044

Please call before coming to the Health Centre so I can do an assessment over the phone.

What to do if you get sick

  1. Stay home and rest, drink warm fluids and avoid contact with others
  2. Use acetaminophen (Tylenol) as needed
  3. Do not smoke – smoking is very irritating to your lungs and will make matters worse

If you think you have symptoms or have been in close contact with someone who has COVID-19, please review this self-assessment tool to help you determine if you need to go to an Assessment Centre. Then call your doctor or myself if you feel you meet the criteria.

Our closest centre is at Southlake Hospital


Location: In the Ambulance Bay next to the Emergency Department on Davis Drive. Patients are asked to arrive at the main entrance of the Emergency Department.

Hours: Open from 9 a.m. until 9 p.m. Check for changes to this information, visit

If you have any questions feel free to call me. Thank-you

Lorna Fitzpatrick 905-953-6044

Posted March 13, 2020 Message from Chippewas of Georgina Island Chief and Council

“The recent decision by the World Health Organization to classify Covid-19 as a pandemic and the resulting cancellations of numerous public events and social institutions has led Chief and Council to address concerns regarding what this means for our community.

Our first steps will be to reduce the chances of infection for our community members.”

Please click on this link for the full message

Want to get up to speed on Economic Development initiatives in your Community?  Have economic development suggestions for GIFN? Your input is needed!

Please click on the picture below for more details!

Economic Development Engagement Session

Georgina Island and the Krasmancentre are excited to announce the following events! Please click on the images below for more information!

Regalia Making Workshop

Well Being Group – GIFN Resource Centre

Well Being Group – Weeping Willow Coffee

Community Kitchen – Resource Centre

Link to Flyer for more details


The GIFN Economic Development Department in partnership with Sierra Consulting is hosting a community engagement session to gather input needed to update the Community’s Economic Strategic Plan.

Together we will chat about:

Meeting to be held at Community Centre

11:00 am

March 11th, 2020




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