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The Chippewas of Georgina Island First Nation entered into an Environmental Management Agreement to enact environmental protection legislation on reserve. The band has developed a set of by-laws that ensure environmental impacts on reserve lands are prevented or minimized.  In 2008, an environmental scan was conducted to identify the environmental issues and priorities.  The following programs and services were developed to address the environmental needs of the community.

Environmental/By-Law Coordinator –Brandon Stiles

P: 705-437-1337 ext.2233
F: 705-437-4597

Bio For Brandon Stiles

Brandon Stiles, Environmental Coordinator is an Ojibway from the Chippewas of Georgina Island and Rama First Nations in South Central Ontario.  He has a background in tourism, employment services and Indigenous social development and has been working in Indigenous social services since 1998.  He has been a successful manager, instructor, proposal writer, program coordinator and event planner and is a certified Career Development Practitioner, Essential Skills Practitioner and Job Club Coach. As a First Nations person, he has always had a vested interest in contributing to the development, enhancement and sustainability of social programs in Indigenous communities across the country.

Environmental Programs & Services:

Climate Adaptation Strategy
Environmental Climate Change Adaptation Liaison – Leanne Echum
Climate Change click here

Waste Management
Recycling Promotion & Education Coordinator – Ellie Big Canoe

Community Energy – Becky Big Canoe
Georgina Island FN Energy Plan

Invasive Species Coordinator: James L. Porte
Invasive Species

Forest Management/Species at Risk Coordinator – Heather Charles
Forest Management & Species at Risk

A Regime for Environmental Protection, Administration, Monitoring & Enforcement – 2010

Spring Safety Release – Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority – March 8, 2018

72 Hour Plus Kit -ACER – Assoc. for Can. Emergency Resources

Clean Equipment Protocol for Industry

West Nile Testing Results 2017

Check out the Wildlife captured on Georgina Island – Trail Cam Page

The Shore Primer
The Dock Primer
The Drain Primer

Protecting the Ribbon of Life Brochure

With a Lake Simcoe Protection Act and
Plan as the framework for restoring our
waters and land, and making a better
place for people, Lake Simcoe‘s story
is starting to come full circle…

Easy to find, free to use, ReGeneration
special waste recycling programs help
good people change the world for the better click here for more information



Hazardous Waste Orange Drop Program Information

Ticks in our Area Tick Submission Form

Tick Package

Tick Package available at Georgina Island Health Centre

Tips on Living with Coyotes

Georgina Island honoured guests at the Toronto Zoo

Success – Wild Rice Plantings off of Georgina Island

 Species Warning – Hickory Tussock Caterpillar

 Resource for information on invasive insects, plants and pathogens that threaten 
Canada’s forests 

Pictures and Video of  TD Tree Day – September 25, 2013



Our Children – Their Future Flyer
Please Recycle your Batteries and CFL Lights – Flyer
What is Hazardous Waste?
Tips for closing your cottage for the winter months a message from the Ministry of the Environment.


Beach Postings Notice – Water Contamination Hazards Flyer

Notice – Owl Tested Positive for West Nile on Georgina Island

Environmental Websites

Sub-Watershed Draft Plan
Working Along the Shore – A Professional’s Guide to Healthy Shoreline Management for Lake Simcoe
Interesting Article Regarding the Cormorant – posted September 2014

Upper York Sewage Website
Recycling Guide
Emerald Ash Borer
Ontario Tire Stewardship
Ontario Electronic Stewardship
Household Hazardous Waste
The Story of Stuff Project
Our Planet, Our Responsibility
The Story of the Plastic Bag
Invasive Species – Dog Strangling Vine
Invasive Species – Buckthorn